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There are many ways to get the heat required to light a fire. Using a fire striker is a great skill to learn and could even save your life. A striker or ferro rod will produce sparks in any weather conditions. We have a great range of ferro rods from American and Swedish brands like Exotac, Light My Fire and Solo Scientific.

Exotac NanoSPARK Flint Kit

$9.95 17% off RRP

SOTO Extended Pocket Torch

$34.95 13% off RRP

UCO Survival Fire Starter

$21.95 8% off RRP

UST Fire Starter Kit 1.0

$31.95 9% off RRP

UST Mag Bar Fire Starter

$14.95 17% off RRP

Exotac FireROD

$44.95 10% off RRP

Exotac NanoSPARK

$44.95 10% off RRP


$47.95 13% off RRP

Exotac PolySTRIKER

$24.95 11% off RRP


$34.95 13% off RRP

Exotac TitanLight Lighter

$79.95 11% off RRP

SOTO Pocket Gas Torch

$22.95 8% off RRP