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Our pocket bellows is a tool that every outdoor adventurer should learn to utilise as it can allow you to start and maintain a fire in conditions where it would not normally be possible such as in cold and damp conditions. When you blow into the wider end of the tube the air is concentrated and forms a jet as it comes out of the smaller end, this allows you to create much higher temperatures at the core of your fire.

Keep the smoke away from your eyes and avoid losing your eyebrows when blowing on the fire!

  • Packed length: 9.3cm
  • Expanded Length: 48cm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Plastic storage tube included
Brand Ziptac

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By: on 1 April 2022
I have made my own portable bellows in the past but nothing as compact as this brilliant piece of kit. It's great to be able to direct the air to the fire EXACTLY where you need it to go without either burning your face copping a face full of smoke or both. I have one for everyday use and one in my grab bag. Negative criticism?? The telescopic action is a bit "stiff" but this was easily fixed with some WD-40 or some other similar spray on lubricant (just make sure you give the mouthpiece a good wipe afterwards before using it)

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