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I love adventure and I want to help everybody access the kind of outdoor adventures that I love to experience. From hiking the mountains of Peru to a quick stroll through a local national park on a Saturday or hunting for your own sustainable meat, there is room for everybody to embrace the beauty of our wonderful planet. All you have to decide is how far do you want to go and how much are you willing to endure to get there!?

Endure, Survive & Thrive are the principles that Ziptac was founded upon and these are things that you can take into your everyday life to get the most out of it. If you endure something for long enough, you will survive and then you can put the effort in to ensure that you thrive.



Outdoor adventures are wildly enjoyable and can also be extremely dangerous. Which is why we do everything we can to test and source high quality products that are built to last. Your safety is our number one concern so every product we sell has to be something that I would be comfortable taking out into the field and using myself.

We want you to have a great experience in the outdoors and part of ensuring that happens is providing the right gear to ensure you are both safe and comfortable. We dont stock every product on the market because not everything is up to our quality standards and some things just arent suited to Australian conditions. With that being said if there is a product we dont stock that you need please get in touch and we will do everything possible to source it for you.



Mother nature is only the reason we are able to enjoy this wonderful planet, which is why we are commited to reducing our impact on the enviroment in many different ways.


Sustainable Packaging Materials

We are moving towards using 100% compostable satchels for our outgoing deliveries in 2020. This is something we have been looking at for over 12 months and have recently found a supplier that can supply all the sizes needed.

We reuse all packing materials from our incoming deliveries. Large boxes are cut down and repurposed for smaller orders whilst filling materials are reused whenever possible. We even get the unsold newspapers from our local agents to use as packing fillers.

So you might not always get you order in a shiny new cardboard box but you can rest assured that you arent contibuting the unneccesary landfill and you may even get to read last weeks news!


Education On Sustainable Hunting Practices

Humans have an enormous impact on animal populations around the world, many species have been hunted to extinction over the years. Sometimes for sport and sometimes simply for a nice looking coat or for traditional "mythical" medicinal purposes.

Being a hunter in the modern world carries with it a great responsibility, that is to treat all living creatures with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately there are some hunters who do the wrong thing and it makes all of us look bad, it is our job as a community to educate all hunters on what is and what isn't acceptable behaviour. This will go a long way towards building and maintaining a great reputation for hunters amongst the non-hunting community.

Hunting for your own meat is a highly sustainable way to feed yourself and your family, even more so than consuming only commercially farmed fruits & vegetables which have a lot heavier impact on the environment than sustainable hunting. Combining hunting with home grown produce is the ultimate sustainable diet. We love new hunters and will do everything we can to help them become the best they can be. We do completely understand that hunting is not for everyone and wont judge you for what you eat



Ziptac is a company that is here to stay, we are looking forward to working with you to make sure you can safely enjoy the outdoors in a sustainable way that combines the latest modern technology with old time values and respect for our planet.

Growth is a natural part our plan with new projects and products always on the horizon so feel free to get in touch with any ideas, suggestions or questions about how we can help you on your quest for adventure.


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