Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch

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The Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch has a D-Loop so you can use the Pocket Shot Arrow Release Aid. You can add this pouch to your Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot to get greater speed and accuracy with your arrows. 

  • Rated up to 180 FPS
  • Compatible with standard archery release aids
  • internal nocking point provides greater pouch lifespan


  1. Place the Pro Arrow Pouch on Pocket Shot inner ring and make sure it is seated
  2. Screw the inner ring down and tighten with the cap/key
  3. Make sure pouch is secure before each use
  4. Insert the arrow, turn shaft, until nock snaps into receiver

Safety Warning

  • Always wear eye protection when product is in use
  • The Pro Arrow Pouch is not a toy, serious injury or death could occur
  • Inspect the Pro Arrow Pouch before each use for any holes, rips or tears. Do not use if there are any holes, rips, tears or other damage
  • Inspect the Pro Arrow Pouch to make sure it is properly attached before each use
  • When shooting arrows, ensure arrow cap is securely tightened and arrow tip is not pulled inside arrow cap. Not to be used with razor tip arrowheads
  • Ensure nock is snapped into receiver. If nock is not snapping in, replace nock immediately
SKU S-0737
Barcode # 852528007371
Brand Pocket Shot

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